Physiotherapy Treatment

As a Physiotherapist I assess and treat a wide range of issues. Most issues are a result of impaired function. My main focus is improving this impaired function. The first and perhaps most important part of any treatment is making an accurate diagnosis of a patients problem. Before effective treatment can take place the cause of any pain or impaired function must be pinpointed so that the most appropriate treatment plan can be formulated and implemented. Incorrect diagnosis of your symptoms can result in incorrect treatment and this in turn can result in your pain or impaired function not improving and in some cases even getting worse. Over the years I have successfully treated thousands of patients and built up a level of clinical experience that allows me to make quick and accurate assessments of patient’s symptoms.

Once a patients symptoms have been diagnosed I will create and implement an individual treatment plan. As everyone leads very different lives in terms of activity and function, this plan needs to be crafted to fit in with each individual’s lifestyle.

I have an emphasis on self management. If a patient is shown the correct ways to move, sit and stand in their everyday then this will often help prevent and treat many common injuries and problems. I work with the patient to identify there needs and base treatment and rehabilitation around there everyday life.

If you come to my clinic I am the only one who will treat you. You will be assured of the quality that comes with my experience and continuity of care that comes with dealing with the same person throughout your treatment period.

The result of my unique approach is effective, gentle and fast treatment. If your issue requires other specialist care I will make sure you are referred onto the correct specialist. I can even refer your issue on for X-Ray.

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