• Located on the Kapiti Coast with clinics in Raumati and Waikanae. Lesley Unka Physiotherapy provides fast, expert
    consultation and Physiotherapy treatment

    Lesley has been treating the Kapiti Coast for over 25 years

    Extensive assessment of your discomfort, pain or injury (as most problems are multi-factorial in nature)

    Individual treatment plans using proven care pathways which should deliver significant change in your condition within 1 – 3 sessions and ability to refer you to correct specialist if Physiotherapy treatment is not appropriate

  • Hello I’m Dr Duncan Reid. Having 28 years of clinical experience in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and now full time teaching at the School of Physiotherapy at AUT, I know how important experience and education are.
    I have known Lesley since the time she started her Diploma of Manipulative Physiotherapy (DipMT) in the early 90’s and I was fortunate enough to have taken her for clinical supervision in my practice as a part of that qualification. Observing first hand her skills in the management of a range of complex patients with musculoskeletal disorders I found her very competent and skilled. Once she successfully completed that post graduate qualification, Lesley assisted on the Dip MT programme and then worked her way to become a tutor. Over this time Lesley brought her clinical knowledge and ability to adapt situation to students needs to the fore. She was a very competent and clear teacher of manipulative physiotherapy and taught on the programme for a number of years. Lesley has also kept up with the latest research and has attended both national and international conferences and seminars over the years.
    Those people who live in the area of Lesley’s practice are lucky to have access to such a caring, skilled and experienced physiotherapist. I would recommend any client of mine to attend this clinic for first class service.

  • A big issue today is getting the correct treatment. The focus of Physiotherapy is on improving impaired function. It takes experience to correctively assess your injury, provide effective treatment and look at ways to prevent this injury from occurring again. At our clinic we have the experience and skills to assess patients correctly and if physiotherapy treatment is not the best option for your injury we can refer you on to a specialist. It’s our goal to get you functioning again in the quickest possibly way and we do this by using our experience to deliver very high quality physiotherapy treatment. Good treatment means you should start to see results in 1 – 3 treatments. If you don’t see results from the physiotherapy treatment you get then it’s possible that you haven’t been correctly diagnosed and treated.

  • Although some discomfort is possible a patient should not experience pain as a result of receiving physiotherapy treatment. Pain and healing do not mix. A competent Physio will be doing everything they can to avoid any pain to the patient during treatment. There is no room for rough handling in Physiotherapy. There is no reason to endure painful treatments.

    Pain is a sign that your injury is being aggravated and could be from a poor assessment of your injury or in experience in treatment methods. It may also mean there is an underlining issue which needs to be assessed more correctly.

    My treatment philosophy is gentle but effective treatment. We take the time to do a proper assessment of your injury and make sure that if you require another specialist then we refer you on. We treat each patient as an individual and take the time to understand what their individual needs and requirements are.

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